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  • The Legendary Life of Bee Ho Gray

    by Clark Gray | 978-0-9798391-4-6 | Release: Dec 12, 2014 | Trade Paper | $24.95

    book title The Legendary Life of Bee Ho Gray The amazing life of a World Champion Trick and Fancy Roper, trick rider, knife thrower, whip artist, banjoist, actor and comedian unfolds in The Legendary Life of Bee Ho Gray.

    Born in 1885, Bee Ho Gray was named by Quanah Parker, last Chief of the Comanche. Raised in Oklahoma Indian Territory he led an amazing career as a Wild West performer. During his fifty years of fame, he was the star on thousands of vaudeville stages and the key performer in several Wild West shows including the famous Miller Brothers 101 Ranch.

    His daily companions were legends like Buffalo Bill; Will Rogers, Tom Mix, Bill Pickett, Iron Tail and many others who define the legacy of the Great American West. Read On...  

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    978-0-9798391-4-6 Trade Paper 320 $24.85 Book Title The Legendary Life of Bee Ho Gray

    Publication date: 12 Dec 2014, 288 pages; with 32 glossy pages of color and black and white photos; 6 (w) x 9 (h) x 1. 06 (d); 19 ounces; perfectly bound Trade Paper with a 12pt glossy gate fold coverperfectly bound Trade Paper with a 12pt glossy gate fold cover


  • Border Ghosts - A Deputy Ricos Tale 4

    by Elizabeth A. Garcia | 978-0-9905259-9-8 | Release: 1 Nov 2014 | Trade Paper | $18.95

    book title Border Ghosts - A Deputy Ricos Tale No. 4 Deputy Margarita Ricos is not like every other deputy sheriff. She´s young. She´s tough. She´s kindhearted and smart. She´s a proud Chicana!

    Raised on the edge of the United States in Terlingua, Texas, she has a broad perspective of " the border," its people, and its issues. She chooses to remain in the vast land of mountains and desert, a muddy, winding river, fiery sunsets, unique dangers, and indescribable beauty. Margarita is an advocate of justice and fairness in a world that is neither. She takes comfort in the steadfastness of the scenery she adores and her love for and commitment to her community.

    This is the fourth installment from the successful serial novelist Elizabeth A. Garcia - Read On...  

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    978-0-9905259-9-8 Trade Paper 306 $18.95 Border Ghosts  - A Deputy Rico Tale 4, by Elizabeth A. Garcia

    Publication date: 1 Nov 2014, 306 pages; 6 (w) x 9 (h) x 1. 06 (d); 14 ounces; perfectly bound Trade Paper with a 12pt glossy cover


  • Tony Buzbee - Defining Moments

    by Michael Lee Lanning | 978-0-9798391-9-1 | Hardback | $28.95

    book title Tony Buzbee - Defining MomentsNot since flamboyant, fringed-sleeved Gerry Spence has the courtroom seen anyone who can compare to Tony Buzbee. His fame and reputation increases with each successive judgment—including multi-million dollar victories against mega corporations, such as BP and the Ford Motor Company, and government entities such as FEMA and the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

    Tony Buzbee—a product of a small-town upbringing in East Texas, an education at Texas A&M, the training of the United States Marine Corps, and the experience at the University of Houston Law School—is driven to succeed. He has created the reputation and the reality of a man not to be crossed in the courtroom or elsewhere by working extremely hard to be the best prepared lawyer in any trial and at every settlement discussion. He is a loyal friend and a ferocious enemy. He cares about what is right; his goal is doing the right thing. Read On...  

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    978-0-9798391-9-1 Hardback 336 $28.95 Book Title TONY BUZBEE - Defining Moments

    Publication date: 12 Dec 2014, 336 pages; 6 (w) x 9 (h) x 1. 16 (d); 22 ounces; Hardback Edition


  • My Beautiful City - Austin

    by David Heymann | 978-0-9903714-0-3 | Hardback | $24.00

    book title My Beautiful City - AustinIn My Beautiful City Austin David Heymann crafts seven masterful tales of a young architect who fails again and again to dissuade his clients from their bad decisions. So the houses he designs aid and abet the ongoing erasure of Austin's ambrosial charm. These sharp, humorous stories explore consequences of Austin's rediscovered allure. Fueled by the dubious intentions of its inhabitants, this is a town growing madly while ignoring the pain of a thousand small cuts.

    David Heymann is an award-winning architect and the Harwell Hamilton Harris Regents Professor in Architecture at the University of Texas, Austin. His interested is in what people want from nature.
    The focus of Heymann´s writing, research, and practice is the relationship of buildings (and other constructions) and landscapes, particularly natural landscapes. He writes a column for Places.
    My Beautiful City Austin is his first work of fiction. Read On...  

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    978-0-9903714-0-3 Hardback 172 $24.00 Book Title My beautiful City - Austin

    Publication date: 6 Nov 2014, 172 pages; 5.5 (w) x 8.5 (h) x .56 (d); 14 ounces; Hardback; #80 Italian—Garda Silk Text Stock Paper; Foil Stamped Sierra covers with #100 Gloss Lam Dust Jacket. A Gorgeous Book!


  • Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of the Big Bend

    by W.C. Jameson | 978-0-9905259-0-5 | Trade Paper | $19.95

    book title Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of the Big BendA non-fiction collection of 22 tales and legends of the Big Bend region of West Texas includes maps and illustrations. 6x9 inch Trade Paper, 240 pages on 60# stock offset white, glossy 12 pt cover designed with 4.5 gatefold flaps.

    The Big Bend of Texas is at once compelling and mysterious. It has been described as a rich and varied land of history, myth and legend, danger, ghost, rugged landscapes, aridity, remoteness, spectacular vistas, and wildlife that either bite, sting, or clawed.

    Located in the "Far West" geographic region of Texas—a subdivision of West Texas, and running along the border with Mexico, north of the prominent northward bend in the Rio Grande passing through the gap between the Chisos Mountains in Texas and the Sierra Madre Oriental in Mexico, hanging south of U.S. Highway 90 and west of the Pecos River. Townships in the region include Alpine, Presidio, Marfa, Sanderson, and Marathon. Read On...  

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    978-0-9905259-0-5 Trade Paper 256 $19.95 Book Title Lost Mines & Buried Treasure of the Big Bend - 2nd Edition, Illustrated

    Publication date: 26 Oct 2014, 256 pages; 22 Color and Black & White Plates, Illusrtations, Maps, and photos; 6 (w) x 9 (h) x 1. 06 (d); 18 ounces; perfectly bound Trade Paper with a 12pt glossy gate fold cover