Terlingua Teacher

by Trent Jones, Carlton Stowers

Terlingua Teacher

The Remarkable Lessons Taught and Learned in a One-room Texas Schoolhouse

A search for a simpler, more rewarding lifestyle brings Trent Jones and his wife Olga to the ghost town of Terlingua, Texas so that Trent can accept the unusual job of teacher/principal/janitor of a one-room schoolhouse. So what if the princely sum of half his current salary would make it impossible for them to afford a telephone or that they would have to haul drinking water from five miles away. It was a challenge whose rewards far outweighed any inconvenience. The colorful residents, the school children, the beauty of the vast and awsome Trans-Pecos all play their part in making this an unforgettable experience and inspirational triumph.

Now in its third printing since 1978 when it was originally published as Where the Rainbows Wait, Terlingua Teacher gives us a unique definition of what makes a person a "success" and offers an insiders look at our hard-working educators and the sacrifices they often make.

About the Author

Trent Jones taught in Terlingua for four years before moving on to a new phase in his life. He an Olga moved to Boerne and got into real estate. They continue in that profession now in Ojai, California. They return to the Big Bend as often as possible and try to see as many of their old students as they can.

Carlton Stowers is a widely published, award winning Texas writer. Author of To The Last Breath and Careless Whispers, both Edgar Award winners (Mystery Writers of America). The publisher enjoyed his Titanic Thompson, a biography of an incredibly talented Texas con man. Stowers now lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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