From The Cockpit

by Tex Atkinson

From The Cockpit

The True-Life Story of Tex Atkinson

When President Harry Truman ordered American troops to Korea via the United Nations, the majority of our nation read the headlines, muttered something like "Old Harry! He´s got his dander up again," and went back to the business at hand.
Few, if any, were interested in a new war. But despite the bad timing the show opened along a man-made line called the 38th parallel. It played for three years, killed over 50,000 of our fighting men and closed quietly where it started.

From the cockpit is the true-life story of author, Tex Atkinson. It is a powerful book, a personal tale of love, life, war, and family told simply and honestly with a writing style that takes you from tears to laughter and back again. Each word draws you closer, and soon you are turning pages, seeing the world through the eyes of a boy who became a man during the Korean War.


"Some can fly, some can write, but few can do both well. Tex Atkinson is the exception. His tales ring true. They let us into his cockpit and into his heart."

- "Charlie" Brown, Columnist, Bourbon County Citizen, Paris, KY

"Tex Atkinson´s sensitive and personal descriptions of life, from Amos and Andy radio days to the shocking reality of a real but ´Forgotten War,´ held me captive from the first word to the last."

- Ruth White, Author

"Tex Atkinson has painted a vivid picture of those of us who grew up in the Depression and WWII days and reached our manhood during the Korean War. He has recreated the times and forces that drove us to take up the career patterns that shaped our lives. Sometimes frightening, sometimes frustrating, but always exhilarating. I was truly impressed."

- Ken Wallace, Captain, USN (Retired)

- Three tours Navy Blue Angels


Tex Atkinson, Commander, U.S. Navy (retired), received his wings in July 1949. He made five carrier tours and flew over 100 combat missions in Korea before retiring from the Navy in 1968. Atkinson holds the usual assortment of awards, including the Distinguished Flying Cross.
Tex spent most of his early years in and around Central Texas, hence the nickname. This book is a combination of his first-hand experiences as a Naval Aviator and his personal memoirs of growing up in the 1930s and ´40s.
Over the years, Tex has written articles and short stories for various magazines and is now semi-retired near Pensacola, Florida, with his wife Annie. They have raised a family of six children and now enjoy 22 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.
Following his active Navy duty, Atkinson founded an employee benefits agency. He and Annie still travel Florida for his agency, working with the hotel industry.

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