Border Ghosts - A Deputy Ricos Tale #4

by Elizabeth A. Garcia | 978-0-9905259-9-8 | Release: 1 Nov 2014 | Trade Paper | $18.85 Book Title Border Ghosts  - A Deputy Rico Tale 4, by Elizabeth A. Garcia

Border Ghosts

- A Deputy Ricos Tale #4

book title Border Ghosts - A Deputy Ricos Tale No. 4 Deputy Margarita Ricos is not like every other deputy sheriff. She´s young. She´s tough. She´s kindhearted and smart. She´s a proud Chicana!

Raised on the edge of the United States in Terlingua, Texas, she has a broad perspective of " the border," its people, and its issues. She chooses to remain in the vast land of mountains and desert, a muddy, winding river, fiery sunsets, unique dangers, and indescribable beauty.

Margarita is an advocate of justice and fairness in a world that is neither. She takes comfort in the steadfastness of the scenery she adores and her love for and commitment to her community.

While still recovering from the loss of her love, Margarita´s birth father comes to visit. He is Sergeant Zeke Pacheco with the Texas Rangers, and he invites her to accompany him to Dallas. He wants to spend a week with his daughter, to take her away from the darkness in her head and the gossip in Terlingua. Also, —if she wants to,—he could use her help on the mysterious case of a friend´s son. The young man is in prison for killing his wife and children. Is he guilty as charged or innocent, as he claims?

Margarita jumps at the chance to get to know her father better and to have an adventure in Dallas. And she can never resist a mystery or a chance to right a wrong. She´s quickly drawn into a web of lies and cover-ups, angels and villains, wrongs and redemption.

While trying to prove an imprisoned man guilty beyond doubt or wrongly accused, Margarita is haunted by a mystery from her past. She begins the fast-paced, danger-filled, winding route to the Border Ghosts.

This is the fourth installment from the successful serial novelist Elizabeth A. Garcia.

ISBN Binding Pages Retail
978-0-9905259-9-8 Trade Paper 306 $18.95 Border Ghosts  - A Deputy Rico Tale 4, by Elizabeth A. Garcia

Publication date: 1 Nov 2014, 306 pages; 6 (w) x 9 (h) x 1. 06 (d); 14 ounces; perfectly bound Trade Paper with a 12pt glossy cover

Award-winning author Elizabeth (Beth) Garcia has lived for more than thirty years in the Big Bend country of far west Texas. She has hiked, rafted, explored, and earned a living in this wild desert-mountain land near the Rio Grande, on the border of the United States and Mexico. It was experiencing the deep canyons, creosote-covered bajadas, and stark, jagged mountains; the wide-open spaces and dark, starry nights that eventually brought her to writing.

"One Bloody Shirt at a Time" (the first Deputy Ricos novel) won "Best Crime Novel of the Year" from the Texas Authors Association for 2013.